Varied range of strength machines

Strength Machines

Strength training is a type of exercise that uses resistance to induce muscular contraction. This helps build strength, anaerobic endurance and muscle size.

In the world of fitness, the use of strength machines is commonplace due to the many benefits of using such equipment.

  • Easy to learn and use

Our machines show you how they’re used – although it’s pretty self-explanatory really. This means that they’re easy to use on their own or with other machines to create your own strength machine ‘circuit’.

  • Isolate muscle groups more efficiently

Since most of your body is stable on our strength machines you are able to target the larger muscle groups more efficiently. This is great for improving your physique by building bigger muscles.

  • Allow you to train with heavier weights without assistance

This is great for the inexperienced gym user. Whereas free weights must be used with the proper technique, strength machines confine your movements. This means you can add additional weight with a much lesser risk of injury.

  • May be useful for elderly populations and/or rehabilitation

For people with a low level of fitness or those recovering from an injury, strength machines are perfect for building strength quickly and safely. In addition, because strength machines isolate the working muscles, it’s often easier to work around certain injuries.

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