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Charity Lawn Bowls Competition ~ Saturday 6th July ~ 2-5pm

The aim: The aim of this competition is to raise funds for The Osborne Partnership as part of Ingrebourne Links Fitness Festival Charity Event. The contest will give both experienced and new bowlers practice at delivering bowls to different distances whilst enjoying a competitive game. No previous experience is needed as a qualified coach will be on hand to assist new bowlers. The event is open to both members and non-members.

The competition will start at 2pm and finish at about 5pm. All attendees will play a minimum of two games each consisting of 6 ends. The player with the most overall points will be the champion and receive a small prize.

Set up of rink: All rinks will be set up with two jacks, one 26 metres from the mat and the second 2 metres from the front ditch. Each position will be marked with a nail so that jacks when moved can be replaced.

Teams: Games can be played in Singles (4 Bowls), Pairs (4 Bowls), Triples (3 Bowls) or Full Rink (2 Bowls) dependant on the number of members attending and rinks available.

RulesOn the first end play is to the closest Jack, then to the furthest Jack. Play then alternates for six ends.

All normal bowls rules apply with the following exceptions:

The person scoring 4 points will bowl first on the next end.

All bowling is from one end.

If moved the Jack is to be reset to it’s original position.


Nearest bowl to Jack 4 points

Second Bowl 3 points

Third Bowl 2 points

Fourth Bowl 1 point

There is a total of 10 points per end.

Fundraising: It is suggested that players donate £2 per winning game and £3 per losing game (a game is all 6 ends).

To enter a team (up to 4 players) please call 01708 201301



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